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Dirk Beckedorf, Franz Müller

“From resonance to attachment - Using Systemic Listening Therapy to promote awareness and attachment.”

Why does listening to Mozart symphonies enhance a child’s openness and capacity to form close attachments with others? How do sounds of Mozart’s music calm newborns and enable them to better sense their bodies? How does hearing and listening connect to a person’s heart?

In their book, Dirk Beckedorf and Franz Müller will systematically and clearly expound on the psychosomatic foundations for human hearing, the history, areas of application as well as the practice of of systemic listening therapy.

The strength of this book lies in its ability to build bridges between various disciplines. The authors are able to embed the subject of human hearing with the discussions on modern Attachment Theory and the latest in brain research. Through this interdisciplinary vantage point, the idea of the ear and its associated function of hearing are experiencing an unexpected, timely relevance. “I am convinced that this book will open up many new spheres of treatment. It can benefit practitioners of psychotherapy, body, trauma, children and youth centered psychotherapy. As well as affected parents who experience listening therapy with their children.” (Thomas Harms)

Psychosozialverlag (publisher) 240 S., images.
ISBN 978-3-934391-48-2,29,80 Euro/sFr 34,-

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Dirk Beckedorf

“Listening and Attachment - Systemic Listening Therapy according to Dr. A. Tomatis”

In Thomas Harms (Hg) “Bodypsychotherapy with newborns and parents”
Psychosozialverlag (publisher) 240 S., images.
ISBN 978-3-934391-48-2,29,80 Euro/sFr 34,-


Dirk Beckedorf, Franz Müller

“The impact of hearing on prenatal and early childhood development.”

In: Liem, T. et all (Hg) (2012): "Ostheopathic treatment of children”. Stuttgart: Haugverlg (publisher) S.232-237


Franz Müller (2007)

“The importance of hearing in the development of man”.

In: W. Cormann (Hrsg.) Incarnation, emergence, development and transformation of the human potential.
Wasserburg am Bodensee: Cormann Institute publisher for Systemic practices, S. 212-228


Dirk Beckedorf, Franz Müller

“Let me hear your voice.”

In: Fuchs, G. (Hg). (2011): Who are you?
Köln-Kronach: Link-Kluwer S. 87-91


Dirk Beckedorf, Franz Müller

Die Hörtherapie nach Dr. A. Tomatis

In: Swiss Magazin for Holistic Medicine, Volume 24, Issue 6;
December 2012; Basel/Freiburg: Kargerverlag S.358-360
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The original scientific paper on Listening Therapy was published in the same magazine under the title: “Does Audio-Psycho-Phonology meet the criteria of effectiveness, usefulness and cost-effectiveness?”



Dirk Beckedorf, Franz Müller

“Enrico Caruso, Alfred Tomatis and modern neurobiology - prosocial listening, a steady heartbeat and successful communication.”

In: Swiss Magazin for Holistic Medicine, Volume 26;
May 2014; Basel/Freiburg: Kargerverlag S.156-161
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