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The Systemic Listening Therapy training leads to the path of listening. For us humans listening has a diverse effect and meaning. The training in Systemic Listening Therapy takes you into this fascinating universe of listening. Learn more...

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From resonance to attachment. The new edition of Beckedorf’s and Müller’s book.
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Systemic Listening Therapy Continuing Education
Systemic Listening Therapy is a living concept which continues to evolve through its interactions with society, the sciences and experiences within the therapy. Our training offers a communicative platform for this process, to which all interested parties are invited. The focus of the upcoming continuing education seminar…

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Recent news on Systemic Listening Therapy. Continue reading…

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Find a qualified Systemic Listening Therapist in your area. Learn more…

[Translate to English:] Spruch des Monats

To be all ears and to become whole through hearing.

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Basic Principles
Here you will discover why our method works:  The scientific principles…

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When can Listening Therapy help? Because our sense of hearing is fundamental to the many forms of human communication, the areas of application for listening therapy are multifaceted. Learn more…